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Calgary JOY of Life Centre for Spiritual Living is the proud recipient of:

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Join us for our Sunday Celebration
gathering and a variety of events
@ Leydens on 17th
(corner of 2nd St SW)

At the Joy of Life Centre we strive to assist individuals in their own evolutionary awakening process, encouraging all of our members to live courageous, fearless lives, and to be passionate about life and its possibilities.

~ Our Vision ~
Transforming Consciousness...Honouring Humanity...Creating Global Unity

~ Our Mission ~
As an inclusive, dynamic centre of creative thought and mindful living and, in the spirit of generosity and joy, we inspire and support individual and global transformation through teaching the principles in the Science of Mind.

~ Our Core Values ~
...Guided by Spirit...


We teach spiritual solutions and practices to address the everyday challenges of life. Our meditation and peacemaking activities encourage the embracing of this standard, creating an environment in which honest reflection, compassionate communication and sacred connections are the norm.

We are meaningfully involved with service to the world. As an organization we are a global community that embraces peace, love and compassion. We serve as a voice for the universal attributes of peace, love, beauty, joy, abundance, light and power.

We are without dogma and are “open at the top” through the understanding that in a spiritual universe Love leads the way through Law. We are receptive to new revelations of truth. Our growth is guided by a continuous sensitivity to the unfolding vision for our community.

We are one community with many locations. Every Spiritual Living Centre serves as a point of inspiration and dynamic influence for our shared vision. We value the constituencies within our extended community, expecting each to have a voice and place in our expansion, and empowering them to contribute to the evolution of our organization.

We are open, receptive, and welcoming of all people, all faiths. We understand that the human journey and the spiritual journey are one journey.

We are a community empowered with the realization of unity and wholeness, from which flows the ultimate healing power of compassion, acceptance and love.


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Prosperous Me
Daily Nov 2 - Dec 2
12:30 - 12:45pm

Spiritual Living Circles
Nov 26, 7-8:30pm

December 5
1 - 2pm

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