updated December 30, 2015

To Our JOYous Community ~

As of December 31, 2015 The Calgary JOY of Life Centre for Spiritual Living has completed what it was intended to be as a Centre and is now closed.

We thank you for your heart, prayers, contributions and support over the last 13+ years.

A fabulous time was had by all as we grew, changed and transformed our lives and the lives of others.

We made our mark in consciousness through our vision, mission and our DNA…JOY – each of us a blessing as we continue learning, living and loving the gift of life.

Remember, YOU are the Face of God.

The following is a listing of our ministers and practitioners that served this centre for many years and continue to be available to serve and support you, should you choose to connect for any reason.


Nadene Rogers 403.701.0754

Monika Krammer 403.651.3397.

Trish Brown 403.607.6102

Doug Craig 403.288.5857

Sharon Mitchell 403.615.6253

Tina Wilding 403.473.0814

Jenna Watkins (moved to Florida)

Teresa Rambold 403.999.5022


Lisa Balfour 403.293.7691

Susan Berry 403.999.5644

Helen Moffat

Please Note that there will continue to be outreach opportunities, courses, events, webinars, coaching and spiritual counselling available. Should you wish to be on a new community email list please send your consent and contact information to Susan Berry: s_berry@shaw